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Everything You Need to Know About Sanitizing Wipes (And More)

Have you ever wondered how Sanitizing wipes should be used, how they’re made, what’s in them, and if they’re for you? Today, we are going to answer every question about wipes you have ever thought of! 

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

In 1957, an American by the name of Arthur Julius set up a soap portioning machine and began making mechanical magic aimed at servicing the cosmetics industry. Just a year later, Julius had made enough headway to trademark his product “Wet nap” and in 1960, Wet-nap debuted at the National Restaurant show. As a quickly evolving product since its day of inception, KFC started distributing the wipes in 1963, and the rest is history.

Wipes aren't just wipes

By today’s standards, “Wet-nap” is much more than just a wet napkin. Used in multiple industries for different applications, sanitizing wipes have evolved to different sizes, materials, ingredients, and even scents. As technology advances, most wipes are now produced from nonwoven polyester or polypropylene and can contain a range of different chemicals or alcohols. Baby wipes, cleansing pads, Industrial wipes, pet wipes, and pain relief wipes are all different versions of the original Wet-nap, just to name a few.

Are sanitizing wipes safe?

Similar to any other product, there are both safe and unsafe ways to use sanitizing wipes. Guidelines vary depending on the intended use and active ingredients, but this article will focus on surface disinfecting alcohol wipes. Think Clorox wipes and similar products! Check out this shortlist of how-to and not to use wipes according to manufacture.


  1. Let surfaces air dry after use
  2. Clean excess dirt and loose material first
  3. Use on high traffic surfaces and objects


  1. Use wipes on skin
  2. Intentionally dry surface off after using
  3. Use on dishes, glassware, and utensils
  4. Re-use!

Will sanitizing wipes kill COVID?

Yes. Most sanitizing wipes will kill any coronavirus! As long as the wipes have at least 70% alcohol in them, COVID will not continue to live on the surface being disinfected.

Can sanitizing wipes be Reused?

Unfortunately not. In order for wipes to work properly, the active ingredients must be present in the material. When left between uses (even for short periods of time) most if not all of the alcohol and other ingredients will evaporate. This leaves the wipe dry, sort of like a paper towel.

Where are sanitizing wipes available?

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