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How to Properly Use Gloves During COVID-19

You usually see them in the doctor's office, but now they can be seen in the grocery store, at the gas station, and even in your home. Do they protect against COVID-19? How do they work, and how do you know if you’re wearing them right? Here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding the proper usage of safety gloves. 

What are Nitrile gloves?

Similar to any other type of medical-grade glove, Nitrile gloves are a specific type of glove based on synthetic rubber material called Nitrile. Although they are medical-grade, Nitrile gloves are also used in environments such as food establishments and manufacturing facilities and have become a staple of many operational standards. They are disposable and non-reusable. 


How much protection do Nitrile gloves have?


How does Nitrile work?

As a material, Nitrile is miles ahead of previous glove materials such as latex and other vinyl-based components. Although it works similarly, Nitrile provides a number of benefits such as more chemical resistance, increased affordability, superior strength, and the utmost protection against COVID-19. Because Nitrile is a synthetic form of rubber, advanced manufacturing techniques provide these unique benefits at an affordable price.


How are nitrile gloves made?


Common mistakes when using gloves

Although gloves appear to be a simple concept, there are far more unsaid rules and best practices than what meets the eye, and unless you have been told before, most people do not often know the best way to effectively use nitrile gloves. 

Unnecessary Contact

Skin and gloves do a fantastic job as barriers, but what is the purpose of them when the user touches locations meant to be protected? One of the most common mistakes when using gloves is touching locations on the face or other surfaces meant to remain sanitized. These surfaces are mostly porous membranes such as the eyes, mouth, or nose. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure besides limiting contact with these sensitive areas altogether! Make using gloves a conscious effort rather than a passive act and you will be well on your way to preventing the spread of COVID-19. 


How to use Nitrile gloves properly



Another all-too-common mistake is improper removal. During use of nitrile gloves, the actual material is exposed to anything and everything the user touches! Similar to making unnecessary contact, if gloves are improperly removed the user’s hands will be immediately contaminated. Fortunately, the solution entails a few simple steps recommended by the CDC.

  1. Grasp the outside of one glove at the wrist. Do not touch your bare skin.
  2. Peel the glove away from your body, pulling it inside out.
  3. Hold the glove you just removed in your gloved hand.
  4. Peel off the second glove by putting your fingers inside the glove at the top of your wrist.
  5. Turn the second glove inside out while pulling it away from your body, leaving the first glove inside the second.
  6. Dispose of the gloves safely. Do not reuse the gloves.
  7. Clean your hands immediately after removing gloves.

For a visual representation, visit this link on the CDC’s website!

Now after learning about some common questions regarding the proper usage and safety of gloves, you can be confident and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by utilizing simple safety gloves!